Where Can You Learn To Play Piano Online?

As people often say, the internet is the ultimate resource.

There’s never been an easier or more convenient means of gathering information. If you want to know something, it’s usually just a few clicks away. The same can be said even for major skills such as playing a musical instrument like the piano.

Even so, the internet is incredibly vast. Knowing where to begin can actually be a bit daunting at times. If you’d like to learn music online, here are a few of the best options available:

1 РYoutube 


Hands down, Youtube presents the greatest tool for learning to play a musical instrument online. There are seemingly countless instructional videos teaching everything from the basics to highly advanced techniques. You can even find how-to material generated by some of your favorite pros in the industry. Alongside every traditional instrument imaginable, mixing, DJing, and programming music electronically is even covered. There’s no denying that Youtube is an amazing resource that will help you learn to play music, write music, and appreciate the theory behind it all as well.

Piano Learning Websites


The newest way to learn piano and other musical instrument is through websites which have software dedicated to teaching a particular instrument. For the piano, Playground Sessions is a top resource. They have video lessons as well as an interactive software that teaches you all the important aspects of learning piano.

2 – Private Tutors

You should also be on the lookout for private tutors offering lessons through services such as Skype. Given the competitive nature of the market, you can find music lessons online for far less than people charge locally. Just be sure to look up reviews from several sources before handing any sort of payment over to someone.

3 – Forums & Message Boards

Finally, you can also learn music online by finding dedicated discussion communities based solely on your instrument of choice. No matter what you’re hoping to learn, there will be plenty to choose from. Rest assured, there will also be Facebook groups and Reddit communities to engage in. If nothing else, this presents a great way to have certain questions about your instrument answered without having to pay for generalized lessons.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn a musical instrument, there’s no better time to do so. The resources available online are vast and immensely detailed. No matter your skill level, everything you need to know from the basics and most expedient practice routines to the wildest advanced techniques anyone has ever come up with are all covered in full, usually with complete video breakdowns. So what are you waiting for? Fire up Youtube or your favorite search engine and get to it!