Where To Find Good Piano Teachers In Your Area

MapHave you ever wanted to play the piano like some of the great players like Chopin, Beethoven, or even the modern-day Liberace?

Before you can play, you need to have lessons, and if you are consistent in practicing, you should have no problem at all playing some of their music. There is no guarantee that you will ever become as popular as these composers, or that you will ever reach the heights that they achieved.

However, you will be able to find a piano teacher in your area that will be more than happy to provide you with lessons. Here are a few tips on how to find the best ones that are close to where you live.

What Will They Teach You?

There are some very basic lessons that they will give you aside from teaching you how to play the piano. These basics must be learned before you actually begin. First of all, they are going to talk with you, allowing you to express why it is that you want to learn, and then get you excited about the prospect of becoming a skilled piano player.

They will teach you about having proper posture, and how to position yourself on the bench upon which you will sit. They will also go through finger warm-ups. They will show you how to position your hands, and this will lead to your first practice these which they will help you with in order to introduce how to play the piano.

How Will They Teach You To Play The Piano?

There are some basic things that you must learn such as the different piano keys. One of the first things they will teach you is that not all of the black keys are flats or sharps.

These are called accidentals, keys that are used to play at the next higher or lower key for the song that you are playing, and then they will teach you about the white keys and where to start. It begins with C, going all the way up to B where the next octave will begin.

They will introduce you to reading music, correlating what you are reading with the keys that you are going to hit with your fingers as you play each song. They will have you remember through repetition how to play very basic songs which can add on to your overall skills. Once you have the basics done, they will then begin to introduce more elaborate songs, and this is how you will learn how to play the piano.

Finding a great piano teacher is not that hard to do. If you are in a large city, or a small town, there is always going to be someone that teaches people how to play. You may get a recommendation from someone that you know that nose a retired music teacher, and they may be looking for someone to teach.

Many of them are very reasonable with the prices that they charge, but if they are a little higher, is probably because they are that good. You always want to work with the best, and once you have done your evaluation of the different piano teachers in your community, start learning from one of these experts.

The Physical And Mental Benefits Of Learning To Play The Piano

human brain cartoonThere are some pretty well-known benefits of learning to play the piano.

Playing any musical instrument opens up an entirely new world, but the piano seems to really help young children.

Signing your child up for piano lessons will help them with their math skills, help them with their posture, and even help them with their confidence. There are plenty of research showing the benefits of learning a musical instrument as a child. For many, it’s more than just playing music.

One of the primary benefits of studying piano is the link between music and academics. As a child learns to read music and begins to understand rhythm, beat, and scales, they are also learning how to create fractions, divide numbers and recognize patterns. Music helps a child’s brain better understand many areas of math.

As the child grows older, piano helps their short-term memory as they learn new songs and their long-term memory as they begin to play without the score in front of them.

Learning to play the piano also helps raise a child’s self-esteem. Learning any instrument takes dedication, but the piano requires the use of both hands playing together which takes incredible concentration. A piano student also learns how to take criticism and feedback and turn it into improvement.

Piano lessons also help a child improve their eye-hand coordination and their posture. Children who play the piano also have better fine motor skills. As they learn more complicated pieces, their hands will be moving at different speeds which help with complex thought processes.

Playing the piano also requires a child to interpret notes and rhythms and translate these into hand movements. They learn to think creatively and critically which are skills that will serve them well as they get older.

Playing the piano not only improves a child’s mental and academic abilities, but it also improves them physically. Even though the child is sitting at the piano, playing a complex piece is a workout. They must hold their body in the correct posture and keep their hands poised above the keyboard.

There is research that indicates that playing music helps reduce respiratory and heart rates and lessens anxiety. It also helps increase the body’s immune response and lowers blood pressure.

While it is enough to learn piano simply for the joy of the music, there are many physical and mental benefits to learning this instrument. Children who learn to play the piano will have a lifelong skill.

What Are The Benefits Of Purchasing Piano Learning Software?

piano learning software

People that decide to learn how to play the piano will likely need to take lessons.

They are going to have to spend a lot of time practicing how to position their hands, read music, and use each hand independently as they played songs.

It’s very similar to learning how to play guitar. Each of your hands, and the fingers on your hands, must be in certain positions throughout the song in order to create the melody.

This is something that you may not be able to learn on your own, especially if you are not musically inclined, and working with a professional might be your only option.

However, for those that do not have a music teacher that they can get access to can actually use piano learning software that can help them become more proficient.

What Is Piano Learning Software?

This is software that can teach you all about playing the piano. The only thing that will be missing are the keys.

Some of them allow you to learn what to do using your keyboard, but this will not replace not having a piano to practice on. You should at least invest in a keyboard so that you can practice before you get to the piano.

By the time you get there, this software will make it possible for you to play songs in a matter of days with the instruction that they will provide. Some of them will also give you access to videos that they have online that you can watch.

These comprehensive software programs can be expensive. However, if you think about the cost of paying a piano teacher for help at $30 an hour, the software that you purchase is going to be quite a bargain.

What Type Of Lessons Do They Teach?

The type of lessons that they offer will include how to play basic melodies. They will help you position your hands appropriately and learn all of the sounds of the keyboard. You will know why you are moving your hands in certain ways, and once you do get to an actual piano, you will have a much better grasp of how to play this instrument.

Some of them are very comprehensive, taking you from the most basic of melodies to songs played by major composers. You will soon see that learning how to play the piano is nothing more than teaching yourself how to use each hand independently, and then learning how to follow the patterns for each part of the song.

You can get piano learning software online. They will likely send you a physical copy, but you should be able to access their membership site right away. It will help you get started immediately, and if you have not yet invested in a keyboard, this is an essential part of the learning process. After a few weeks, you will wonder why you had never tried to learn before. The software will make it very easy to do. You can accelerate the process of learning how to play the piano by simply getting access to quality piano learning software.

A VERY Brief History of the Piano

I love these very short and brief history videos. They’re short, but they pack some really cool history lessons into a few minutes.

First off, we learn that the piano was invented around 1700. Pretty cool.

The piano was invented to play the music with different volumes. If you hit the key hard, the note sounds louder. This made the piano a more versatile instrument.

In the 19th century, the piano took off in popularity with some very famous players. There were various added features throughout the years.

As technology advanced, the piano transformed into a keyboard. Now you can literally hook up your keyboard to your computer, and have some pretty cool software and programs teach you how to play.

Over the last 200 years, there have been some awesome improvements with the piano.